How to place prepper supplies?

Just land behind the house and place the preparer supplies next to the back door and you'll easily earn 30,000 XP for completing this mission. To place the supplies, all you have to do is move closer to the highlighted point and hold down the interaction button. Head to the Corny complex and look for the farm located in the northeast, across the river from the main farm. There will be a dirt road leading to Hayseed's farm, and at the intersection you'll see a couple of rocks and pine trees.

The farm is located directly east of Corny Complex, and once you arrive, there are five different locations to place Prepper Supplies. You'll only have to place one, so this is a fairly easy mission, although Hayseed Farm may be a little more dangerous this week. These are all Fortnite Prepper Supplies locations in Hayseed's Farm. To place the preparer supplies, simply run to one of the ghostly stacks of boxes and interact with it.

Doing so will place the prep supplies and then you can move on to the next one. As always, be careful when placing them, as it will take you a second, and while it lasts, you won't be able to react if someone shoots you, so make sure there are no other players nearby who can take advantage of it. In addition to being asked to place some prep supplies on Hayseed's farm, there is also a challenge to place Fortnite cow decoys on farms. To be more specific, there are five places where you should place prep supplies, and they are scattered throughout the farm.

Since you only need to deploy one prepper supply to Hayseed's Farm, this legendary Fortnite challenge shouldn't be too difficult to complete. Find all the locations and interact with them to place the prep supplies and you'll quickly meet this challenge. Even if you're a little puzzled by the name change and aren't sure where to go to place Fortnite prep supplies at Hayseed's Farm, keep reading because we have every possible location. It needs prep supplies delivered to the farm so that it can be set up properly, and it's our job to deliver them.

However, there are five possible locations, each of which is shown as an outline, so keep reading to learn where to place prep supplies at Hayseed's Farm. All you have to do now is interact with the scheme and the prep supplies will appear, allowing you to access the next challenge during your next match.

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