What are 10 things you need to survive a hurricane?

People living along the eastern or Gulf coasts have become increasingly aware of the power and destruction that hurricanes can bring. But, even if you're hours inland, hurricanes may have a very real impact on you and your family. From heavy rains to floods and tornadoes, hurricanes are major storms that can stretch for hundreds of miles. As part of Hurricane Preparedness Week, we want to share some tips that you and your family can take to prepare for the next storm.

Many of the tips below will not only help you stay safe, but they will also ensure that your utility company can get up and running to restore service during outages. When you evacuate or take shelter in place, you keep cars off the road, which can quickly become dangerous. Read our top 10 tips for preparing for the next hurricane season. Whether you're staying at home during a hurricane or choosing to evacuate, having a disaster kit could help.

Ready, the government recommends that disaster kits contain water, food, batteries, a flashlight, whistle, cell phone chargers, a manual can opener and a first aid kit. In addition, they recommend that you consider your individual needs. Prescription drugs, contact lens solution, pet food, and cash are just some of the items you might want to stock. See the full list on their website.

Many communities now have warning systems that will send information directly to your phone. Whether through a downloaded application or an SMS message, alerts provide up-to-date information on what is happening in your area. For more information on the types of systems available, visit Ready, gov for full details. If you live in a susceptible area, it's especially important that you take precautions about how to survive a hurricane with these safety guidelines.

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