What are prepper supplies in fortnite?

Head to the Corny complex and look for the farm located in the northeast, across the river from the main farm. There will be a dirt road leading to Hayseed's farm, and at the intersection you'll see a couple of rocks and pine trees. To begin your search for Fortnite Prepper supplies, you need to get to Hayseed's Farm. It used to be called Steel Farm, but now Farmer Hayseed has replaced Farmer Steel after his abduction.

In case you get lost along the way, it's northeast of the Corny Complex, on the other side of the river. The farm is located directly east of Corny Complex, and once you arrive, there are five different locations to place Prepper Supplies. You'll only have to place one, so this is a fairly easy mission, although Hayseed Farm may be a little more dangerous this week. This challenge is much simpler than it seems, since you only have to place your supplies in one place to complete it.

When you get here, you'll find five prepper supplies, though you'll only need to place one of them to complete the challenge. Find all the locations and interact with them to place the prep supplies and you'll quickly meet this challenge. Even if you're a little puzzled by the name change and aren't sure where to go to place Fortnite prep supplies at Hayseed's Farm, keep reading because we have every possible location. Just land behind the house and place the preparer supplies next to the back door and you'll easily earn 30,000 XP for completing this mission.

In addition to being asked to place some prep supplies on Hayseed's farm, there is also a challenge to place Fortnite cow decoys on farms. As the alien story of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 continues to unfold, players are now tasked with placing prep supplies on Hayseed's farm to help prepare for “Doomsday”. There are five locations to place preparer supplies, but you only need to leave one box of supplies for Hayseed to complete this mission. To make completing this challenge a breeze, we've created a simple guide with a handy map of all Prepper Supplies locations in Hayseed's Farm below.

It's a direct continuation of the week 4 mission that required players to get a doomsday prep guide. You just need to leave the supplies in one of the listed places, and the easiest place is the one closest to the house. Since you only need to deploy one prepper supply to Hayseed's Farm, this legendary Fortnite challenge shouldn't be too difficult to complete. To be more specific, there are five places where you should place prep supplies, and they are scattered throughout the farm.

So, while it's currently unclear what the purpose of these prep supplies is, there's probably something big on the way. It is clear that the island's new characters, such as Doctor Slone, feel the need to prepare for it by collecting supplies.

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