What are the best foods to hoard?

Grains are a great way to provide essential nutrients and calories for a survival diet. A great source of energy, peanut butter is packed with healthy fats and proteins. Unless the bottle says otherwise, it is not necessary to refrigerate it after opening it. Choose multi-grain cereals that are individually packaged so that they do not go rancid after opening.

If long-term for you means years, then the best foods for long-term storage are usually canned goods. Canned goods are known to remain edible 10 years, 20 years or more after storage. Stock up on emergency buckets of oat flakes and quick oats today, and learn more about why oats are an important part of your food storage. Learning to store food for an emergency, such as a global pandemic or natural disaster, could save you money and save your life.

The enemies of food storage have been discussed in another article, but for now I want to focus on the main non-perishable foods that you can store. I know the feeling, you don't have acres of land with outbuildings that you can suddenly turn into a nice emergency food storage area. Follow these simple steps to start your emergency food stockpile so you're prepared, but don't waste. Ideal for an insect bag, food bars are compact nutrition and should be part of your daily food storage.

Use a food reserve checklist so you know what you have and expiration dates and can rotate your reservation so that everything is always up to date, just like for your pantry and food cupboards. Yes, some of the best dog foods, such as Adana and Orijen (both manufactured in Canada by Champion Foods) have high levels of crude protein (up to 38%) and fat (up to 18%) made with whole prey meat and fish, vegetable and whole egg products (no by-products). These would be acceptable as human quality products in case of emergency situations. Before you can calculate how much food you'll need, you need to figure out how much food everyone eats on a normal day.

One of the best things about storing your emergency food supply inside your home is that it's easily accessible so you can a) use it and b) check best-before dates. Then calculate a list of foods for a month from this meal plan, including the grocery list needed to buy all of these foods. Most of these foods will last at least a week after purchase and will offer you a fresh alternative to all those packaged foods. If you want to build a 3-month reserve, multiply either of the two methods above to get your total list of emergency food supplies.

In some extreme emergencies, you may lose your energy for a while, so it's very helpful to consume some foods that you can eat cold without cooking or heating them.

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