What is the number one survival food?

Grains are a great way to provide essential nutrients and calories for a survival diet. For short-term emergencies, uncooked food is the safest bet. Canned food is ideal because it can survive floods and other damage. Just because a food can last “forever,” doesn't mean it will survive a disaster.

For example, a bag of sugar will not spoil, but it will be ruined if it is touched with flood water. The same goes for any food in a box. Caloric density is incredibly important here. You won't have much space in your bag, so limit the food you bring.

More important is water — — you can go a month without eating but only 3 days without water. Seed packs for microgreens such as watercress, alfalfa, etc. It only takes a few days to sprout and a small amount of water, and something fresh can lift a whole meal of canned or packaged food. Seed packs are also small and lightweight.

This would be for spying or longer term. If you have a heat source, to save fuel, boil for just a minute or two, cover %26 and let it absorb water. Of course, instant noodles work best except for the fact that you have to boil water first. I want to add as my personal choice Calbee Frugra Original.

It is a delicious and absolutely healthy snack. Valley Food Storage offers simple, non-GMO meals, no artificial ingredients and an impressive 25-year shelf life. Their food kits come in waterproof and resealable buckets, and range from 175 servings to 4,200 servings worthy of apocalypse. Because Valley Food Storage uses real, clean ingredients, you won't find anything on their labels that you can't pronounce.

They offer soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options that are sugar- and sodium-free. Your 175-serving kit contains 23,600 calories, which would last about two weeks if you ate approximately 2,000 calories a day. The amount of survival food you need to store will largely depend on how many mouths you are feeding and how long will depend on your survival food. Along with non-perishable pantry staples, there are some must-have items you should add to your survival (non-MRE) food shopping list to help you be prepared for anything.

While most survival food kits are designed to provide between 1500 and 1700 calories per day, the meals in this kit offer 2,667 calories per day. For just a little more effort and resources than a survival bar, this compact bag will give you everything you need in a survival meal. Whether you want to prepare for a possible emergency or want to go on an outdoor adventure, there are several survival food companies with a kit to meet your needs. Exact storage instructions may vary depending on the kit you purchase (be sure to read the storage instructions carefully), but Augason Farms, one of the leading survival food kit companies, recommends storing your survival food kit in a cool, dry, dark place that will keep between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenhait.

While Nutrient Survival sells cans of 10 servings of its survival foods, I think it's beneficial to be able to carry or store these small packages anywhere. I am happy to inspire more people to take preparedness and survival more seriously, particularly in these chaotic times. Lucky for you, someone has already made the perfect storage plan: well-known survival expert Dan Sullivan has prepared this presentation that will explain how you can build a long-term survival arsenal in just 30 days (and earn thousands of dollars under budget). Having these healthy emergency foods as part of your emergency arsenal will significantly increase your survival rate the next time Mother Nature puts a bee in her hat.

The first thing to consider before buying survival food is what you expect to have to survive. Regardless of your reasons for stocking up on emergency survival food, it's important that your rations last as long as you need without sacrificing too much flavor in the process. There are a wide range of possible emergencies to prepare for, so I have put together a list of foods to apply to a variety of survival situations. But there are some unique survival foods, such as potatoes, that will help you survive longer than others in a survival situation.

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