Why be a prepper?

Preparers learn to value resources and reduce waste. We become great problem solvers and people who do things for themselves. We learn skills that allow us to be much more self-sufficient than we thought possible. Preparers tend to buy in bulk and stock up at retail prices, leading to a significant reduction in food bills.

Preppers around the world have snuggled safely at home or in their bunkers during the COVID-19 pandemic. For them, long-term food storage is a baseline, so going through a season or two without venturing out is first and foremost a psychological challenge. I've spent the last three years interviewing people preparing for an ambiguous future disaster, and some of them emailed me in the early days of the pandemic from their strongholds, expressing their ironic frustration as they watched shoppers on TV frantically stacking supplies of sanitizer from hands, bottled water and, yes, toilet paper in your shopping carts. One wrote to me: “These people are fixing a leaky roof in a storm.

Being poorly educated for preparedness and survival means you won't have the skills needed to survive in the long run.

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